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1. Days of Heaven
2. Le Doulos
3. The Forms live
4. George Washington
5. All the Real Girls
6. Army of Shadows
7. Badlands
8. Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972
9. Chungking Express
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About New Artillery

Oh hello, I’m Sebastian Stirling. I live in Stoneham, MA, with my wife, dog, and two cats (only one of which is named after a member of Jawbox). I grew up near Poughkeepsie, NY, and went to college in Champaign, IL, before moving back to the east coast for my MA in English Literature. I edit computer programming books in my professional hours. My non-musical interests include hockey (both playing and watching), photography, modernist fiction, and finding new storage possibilities for my ever-expanding vinyl collection.

Site History:

New Artillery started in October 2001, one year after I folded Signal Drench, my online music magazine. Signal Drench, which began in the summer of 1998, did not survive an attempt to mirror then-rival Pitchfork’s move to a four-reviews-a-day format, in large part because I tried to write three of those reviews myself. After letting the site lay dormant long enough for most readers to assume the worst, I posted a fake obituary. The webmaster of a Dismemberment Plan fan site unfortunately believed the news of my passing. Oops. Signal Drench was a great learning experience, but I realized at the Insound Zinefest in the summer of 2000 that I wasn’t willing to make it my life’s pursuit.

Having briefly run a blog titled Recidivistic on my University of Illinois web space, I tried to avoid the rigidity of that site format when I started New Artillery, which led to a five-year war on focus. While certain elements have remained consistent over the course of New Artillery’s lifespan—concert photography, year-end lists, Juno fandom—I readily admit that little else remained consistent, particularly not updating frequency. I’ve always been tempted to return to the music magazine format, perhaps to the point that I viewed New Artillery as a temporary endeavor, but this site has outlasted Signal Drench by a wide margin and seriously, who runs music magazines this days?.

For those searching for a base for my tastes, here’s an arbitrary list of my favorite albums.

  Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen - Elektra, 1993
  Archers of Loaf - Vs. the Greatest of All Time EP - Alias, 1994
  David Bowie - Low - RCA, 1977
  Built to Spill - Perfect from Now On - Warner, 1997
  C-Clamp - Longer Waves - OhioGold, 1999
  Castor - Tracking Sounds Alone - Mud, 1997
  Ornette Coleman - The Shape of Jazz to Come - Atlantic, 1959
  Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst - Dreamworks, 1996
  Eluvium - Talk Amongst the Trees - Temporary Residence, 2004
  Faith No More - Angel Dust - Slash, 1992
  Frank Black - Teenager of the Year - 4AD, 1994
  Gang of Four - Entertainment! - Warner, 1979
  Genius/GZA - Liquid Swords - Geffen, 1995
  Girls Against Boys - Venus Luxure #1 Baby - Touch & Go, 1993
  Hum - You’d Prefer an Astronaut - RCA, 1995
  Jawbox - For Your Own Special Sweetheart - Atlantic, 1994
  Juno - This Is the Way It Goes and Goes and Goes - DeSoto, 1999
  Juno - A Future Lived in Past Tense - DeSoto, 2001
  Killing Joke - What’s THIS For…! - E’G, 1981
  Mclusky - Do Dallas - Too Pure, 2002
  Mogwai - Young Team - Jetset, 1997
  My Bloody Valentine - Loveless - Creation, 1991
  The Narrator - All That to the Wall - Flameshovel, 2007
  Paik - The Orson Fader - Clairecords, 2002
  Pavement - Crooked Rain Crooked Rain - Matador, 1994
  Pinebender - Working Nine to Wolf - Lovitt, 2006
  Pixies - Doolittle - 4AD, 1989
  Steve Reich - Music for Eighteen Musicians - ECM, 1978
  Rodan - Rusty - Quarterstick, 1994
  Shiner - Lula Divinia - DeSoto, 1997
  Shudder to Think - Pony Express Record - Epic, 1994
  Silkworm - Firewater - Matador, 1996
  Slint - Spiderland - Touch & Go, 1991
  The Smiths - Strangeways Here We Come - Rough Trade, 1987
  Smog - A River Ain’t Too Much to Love - Drag City, 2005
  Stars of the Lid - And Their Refinement of the Decline - Kranky, 2007
  Talking Heads - Remain in Light - Sire, 1980
  Tungsten74 - Binaurally Yours - Technical Echo, 2006
  Wipers - Youth of America - Park Ave., 1981
  Wire - Chairs Missing - Harvest, 1978