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Official New Artillery Submission Guidelines

Michael T. Fournier's Hidden Wheel

In response to a growing amount of review requests, it’s time to lay some groundwork for submissions. Just imagine this post is a well-attended press conference.

What will you cover? I will write about albums, singles, and concerts. I would prefer not to write about demos.

How will it be covered? Albums will either get a full review or be bundled in a bi-weekly edition of my new series Tracking Sounds Alone. Singles will also be covered in Tracking Sounds Alone. Concerts will get full reviews, unless I only catch one band on the bill, in which case they’ll be in Tracking Sounds Alone.

Wait, what’s Tracking Sounds Alone? A Castor fan site? Tracking Sounds Alone is a new bi-weekly series picking up where Quick Takes left off. My tendency for super-high word counts runs counter to consistent posting, so this route should allow me to cover more music, more regularly. It will cover both submitted music and things I ran across on my own that don’t necessitate a graduate thesis to explain.

What music do you like? Check out the site’s about page for a woefully short list of albums I wholeheartedly endorse. Consult my various year-end lists for recent favorites. Scan the site index for a broader scope.

I would like to submit music for review. What should I do? Send an e-mail to sebastian@thisdomainname.com and include the following: 1. An easy-to-download link to whatever you want me to review; 2. A clear description of who you are, where you’re from, what it is, when it came out, and who released it.

What about a physical copy? If you want to send me vinyl, I won’t argue with you. (Compact discs, however, will just end up in my basement.) Send an e-mail and I’ll give you my mailing address. But I fully understand that digital promos make far more fiscal sense.

I would like to invite you to a concert. What should I do? If you would like me to attend / review a Boston-area concert, let me know when it is, who else is playing, and whether you’ll put me on the guest list. (It’s a tedious but essential point of clarification.) I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to attend—fatherly duties and weekly rec hockey games take precedence—but if I like what I’ve heard from your recorded material, I will try to attend.

Anything else? I’ll avoid grandstanding about the value of constructive criticism over enthusiastic cheerleading, thanks.